Friday, May 10th, 2013 – Aladdin, Yasmine and the Genius

(Dresscode: Orient Style – a fairy tale)

20:30 Opening and withdrawal of the passes

21:00 Opening of Salsalux 2013

21:00 > 22:00 Workshop “orient meets salsa” solo drum by (only for girls! Sorry guys J)

22:00 Opening of the first party night from Cuba to New York and Dominican Republic with our dj’s (DjMelka, Dj Luis, DJ KAMAL et DjBalazs)

00:00 >01:00 Showtime (national and international artists) with 1000 and 1 nights shows

04:00 End of the 1st party

Saturday, May 11th, 2013–Lawrence d’Arabie

(Dresscode:White and Glamour!)

10:00 Opening and withdrawal of the passes

10:30 > 17:30 Workshops

21:30 Opening of the Gala Night with Dj Kamal, Dj Allison et Dj Melka - the finest MAMBO!!!

00:00 International Showtime with a lot of 1000 and 1 nights surprises (max1h) – seats will be available

04:00 End of the Gala Night


Sunday, May 12, 2013

11:00 Opening and withdrawal of the passes

11:30 > 18:00 Workshops all level


Friday, July 6th, 2012


Zerjon and Nina

African Jet

Melissa Fernandez

Fadi Fusion

Yand Klaise

Mels Dancing Divas

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African Jet

African Jet is "a Sprinkling of Africa" in a world of rhythms, sounds and Latin-American moves. A world that Tarek doesn't know anything about, before arriving in Italy. He discovered this music by pure chance but it soon became like a fever or a flame in his soul. So, he started studying and working very hard and found that he had a real talent for dancing. After many experiences with several performers, Tarek decided to realize his dream: to create a dance group. So, he created African Jet in 2006. They started on the 17th February of that year with a presentation of their first choreography, and very soon they became very famous and very popular. In the last few years, their shows have been requested and performed at major events all over the world (e.g. Los Angeles, Mumbai, Moscow, Marrakech, Bangalore, Quebec, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Timisoara, Texas USA, Paris, Milan, Dublin, etc…) Thanks to their choreography, they have also appeared on national TV on a variety of programs. Their style is fast, striking and exciting, and it’s characterized by imaginative choreography. Careful attention and a lot of importance are given to details and costumes and all this allows them to stand out and distinguish themselves as dancers and performers at the highest level. The African Jet group is based in Italy where they live and where they have opened a school.

Fadi Fusion

Los primeros pasos de Fadi se inician en Vitoria en el año 2002. En 2003 marchó a Bilbao donde ya se presentó a su primera competición de ritmos latinos y ahí ganó su primer campeonato y se clasificó para la final en Madrid del Campeonato de España. En 2004 le ofrecieron enseñar en una escuela de Madrid; ese año y el siguiente ganó el campeonato Salsa Open. Además de ritmos latinos, Fadi fue adquiriendo conocimiento de otros bailes, como hip hop, jazz, rumba afro, danza del vientre, etc. que fue aprovechando para crear su propio estilo, mezclándolos con la salsa, dando paso al nombre FADI FUSIÓN, que procede de una particular originalidad a su baile, que ha venido llamando la atención a todos los que le ven bailar. Fue ahí donde comenzó su carrera profesional como bailarín, siendo solicitado para numerosos congresos nacionales.

Yand Klaise

Klaise studies at the International Academy of Dance A.I.D. in Paris and pursues the dream to be a professional dancer and singer. All along these years of training beside his teachers he gathers a deep passion for the Art, to be reflected in his choreographic work and his sense of musicality. Following the path of his idols, Klaise takes his first dancing classes in France at the age of 8. It’s in Hip Hop and a vast panel of other styles, salsa, jazz, classic, rumba and cha-cha (…) and with artists or groups such as Ikanji, Actuel Force, Popin Taco, Wanted, Koream, UTribe, Maykel Fonts and Juan Matos,Figurin from los Munequitos de Matanzas, Papy et Noydee, Luis “Aspirina” Chacon that he receives his first dance lessons and precious advises that he will keep all along his artistic career.

Melissa Fernandez
Spreading her love & passion of SALSA to more than 45 countries and countless cities through out the world. Melissa Fernandez is one of the world’s Top International Salsa Instructor & Performer. She began dancing Salsa in Los Angeles in 1999 and that same year she became part of the legendary Salsa Brava Dance Company. In 2004 she decided to take her career to new heights and moved to Europe to fulfill her dream! She now lives in Heidelberg (Germany) teaching Salsa during the weekdays...

Mels Dancing Divas

Mels Dancing Divas is an international all women’s dance team that was formed in April 2012 by World Renown Salsera Melissa Fernandez. The team consists of dancers from Italy, Ukraine, France, Bulgaria, the USA and Germany who had to audition in front of a professional jury to be a member of the team. They are a group of hot, sexy, talented salseras who love to social dance and perform. With this project Melissa Fernandez wanted to combine two of her passions: choreography and performance, and now she's created this in demand salsa show team. Mels Dancing Divas began touring their sassy HIT THE ROAD JACK Salsa Show in June 2012 and performed at festivals and congresses in cities such as: Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Konstanz, Hamburg, Freiburg and Metz, France. The first tour was a tremendous success and Mels Dancing Divas are now in demand as their fans anxiously await their new CHORUS LINE show presentation.

Latin Instinct Dance Company

Latin Instinct Dance Company was created by World Famous Salsera Melissa Fernandez and Karlsurhe's Infamous Marco Lampariello (Son Latino). This international co-ed dance team consists of dancers from Cuba, Poland, Italy, Africa, Kazakhstan, and the USA. Latin Instinct was founded in September 2012 and the members of this dynamic team had to audition to be part of the team. This enthusiastically talented team has just recently finished their 1st Salsa Choreography and are presenting it to the Salsa Community throughout the world. Here are the dancers that made the team: Dominik Mimik Sass, Luca Cerini, Erna Thorun, Osmani Segura, Ida Pfeifer, Viviane Schwarte, Anja Dorau, Sabrina Zehle, Bent Gerce, Paola Parnizzari, Britta Von Kleinsorgen, Micki Lanser and Marco Lampariello

James Thomas

James is originally from Ivory Coast and he moved to Bordeaux, France, to follow his passion, football. He reached the second class division level, first in France, later in The Netherlands. In 1997 he discovered a new passion: salsa dancing. Following his natural talent, in 2000 he won the bachata championship in Utrecht and he started his career as salsa teacher there. Several other awards followed and nowadays James is recognized at national and international level as one of the most talented and skilled instructors. Besides group and private lessons, James is appointed for workshops and show performances in the major national and international salsa, bachata, zouk parties and festivals. James is indeed an outstanding choreographer, appointed by new talents and professionals, to create high impact demos spiced up with exciting acrobatic moves. Give a glance to the session media and you will be fascinated.

Salsa Sabrosa

Après 14 ans de danse classique Kathleen découvre la salsa en 2003, tout de suite séduite pas ses rythmes et sa sensualité Kathleen enchaine les congrès et les allers-retours à Paris pour se former à la salsa portoricaine et new-yorkaise on 2. Kathleen est une figure incontournable de la salsa dans la région, elle a donné de nombreux cours et stages sur Metz, Trier, lors de plusieurs voyages salsa un peu partout en Europe. Kath&Kévin se rencontrent en 2009, leur complicité et leur complémentarité font le succès immédiat de leurs cours. Kévin apporte ses affluences Hip Hop ce qui donne à ce jeune couple talentueux et dynamique un style qui lui est propre. Désormais Danseurs à plein temps, ce nouveau couple déjà plein d'expérience est loin de nous avoir dévoilé toutes ses cartes…

Salsa Emotion


Alkemia, devoted mainly to salsa and other common "latino" dances like, bachata, chacha and kizomba, gives/produces classes and events overall in Luxembourg, but also abroad! Gilles Caviglia, was first member of "Salsawave/Chazomba" group, as performer during 2009-2011, then working one year as teacher at "Salsa Emotion" in Luxembourg, before creating Alkemia, end of 2012. Working today with different dance partners like Nora Krings (from Afro Latin Sensations), Carla Indaburo, and his main partner today, Pauline Lopez, herself independant professional dance teacher.


Pasqualino Scarpino – Rumbero Dance School

Pasqualino Scarpino started dancing 15 years ago. He travelled a lot through european Salsafestivals to improve his own dancing and finally to New York City and Puerto Rico to engross his knowledge and dancing these dancestyles. Always active in the Salsa scene, he was co-organizer of the Salsafestival Düsseldorf and also of the Mamboweekend Wuppertal. He is well known and appreciated by his students for his well structured and didactically classes. He teaches since 2003 together with his dancepartners Rachel and Daniela. In 2009 they founded the Rumbero Dance Company, a group of passionated Salsa students of the Rumbero Dance School.

Magic Salsa Dancers

Yousra Makhlouki

Yousra est étudiante en biochimie et elle est passionnée de danse, peu importe la discipline. Elle a commencé à l’âge de 8 ans dans un petit club par l'apprentissage du jazz. Ensuite, elle a intégré une grand école où elle a appri le hip hop, street dance, jazz et ragga. Vers l’âge de 17 ans, elle s’est intéressée à la danse orientale et la maitrisée très rapidement de façon totalement autonome. Ses points forts : Technique, créativité, propreté, perfection, souplesse … Étant donné toutes les formations qu’elle a suivie depuis ses 8 ans (et qu’elle suit encore), l’univers de Yousra ne s’arrête pas à l’oriental classique ! En effet, elle aime combiner plusieurs styles et mixer ses musiques afin d’offrir aux élèves la possibilité de toucher plusieurs horizons artistiques en seulement une année.

Claudia Bodin et les Warda Baida

Claudia a baigné dans la danse depuis son plus jeune âge. A 3 ans elle intègre l'Institut de danse classique Ancelin pendant plus de 12 ans. Durant son parcours elle découvre le moderne jazz qu'elle continue de pratiquer aujourd'hui, plus tard elle décide de gouter au Hip Hop et aux danses latines. Mais c'est il y a environ 7 ans qu'elle se prend de passion pour la DANSE ORIENTALE ! Cette danse lui permet alors de pratiquer tout ce qu'elle aime en un seul art, le classique par la grâce des mouvements, le Hip Hop et ses nombreuses isolations et la sensualité des rythmes latino. Grace à ses différentes expériences et à de nombreux stages internationaux avec les plus grands de la danse orientale, les cours de Claudia permettent à ses élèves d'acquérir une réelle technique mais aussi un renforcement musculaire le tout sur des mélodies aux rythme des milles et une nuit. Elle permet à ses élèves de se produire sur différentes scènes et de partager sa passion, débutantes ou confirmes toutes peuvent présenter les chorégraphies crées par Claudia lors de spectacles en France ou dans la grande région. Les warda baida vous feront découvrir cet art dans toute sa splendeur.


Mireille a commencé à danser à l’âge de 5 ans à l’école de ballet de l’opéra d’Anvers. Durant 23 ans, elle danse avec 2 groupes folkloriques belges et en même temps suit des cours de danse de salon, modern jazz et de claquettes. Il y a 13 ans, elle découvre la salsa et les danses latines en tant et intègre un groupe de spectacle luxembourgeois en tant que danseuse principale, et en même temps enseigne la salsa au Luxembourg, en Belgique et en France. Pendant 2 ans, Mireille suit des cours en Belgique auprès de l’UBPDM (Fédération Belge de Danse) et obtient brillamment son diplôme de professeur de salsa, merengue, bachata. En 2006 José et Mireille créent : M'Danse. José a commencé à danser la salsa il y a 10 ans dans différentes écoles célèbres. Ensemble, ils ont suivi des cours de tango et découvrent le Bachatango. Ils ont développé leur technique d'enseignement du Bachatango au Luxembourg, en Allemagne, en France et en Belgique et continuent à se perfectionner, tout en prenant plaisir à suivre des autres cours danse tels que le WCS, le rock & roll, etc…

Dj Eli

DJ Elizabeth, originaire du Pérou, la salsa est une passion depuis toujours. Professeur de salsa à Namur (Belgique), organisatrice de soirée et DJ, Elizabeth puise son inspiration dans ses propres racines et aussi au travers des nombreux contacts dans toute l'Amérique latine et auprès des autres DJ en Europe. Appréciée pour ces choix musicaux, elle saura vous enchanter par ces mixages. Retrouvez plus d'infos sur

Dj Sonia

DJette depuis 2008 au Bubble BAR à Paris, Dj Sonia officie en parallèle dans différentes soirées à l'ENST où occasionnellement aux soirées Salsa Vintage (Genève). Elle participe également à d'autres soirées en France, ce qui lui permet de se faire connaître en tant qu'artiste féminin. DJ Sonia sait exactement ce qui plait aux danseurs car elle est elle-même danseuse de haut niveau et directrice de la troupe parisienne Santeria. Ça nous fait aussi plaisir qu’une deuxième femme se joigne au team des DJs.

Dj Melka

Dj Kamal Salsa Dura

Kamal Salsa Dura is the organizer of "Salsa Gala NRW" and "Salsafestival-Cologne" promoter and DJ. Due to his work as a promoter of Salsa Festival Hamburg and Marrakech, he visited over the past few years, many other international salsa festivals. During this time he met a lot of artists, dancers and DJs from around the world and his enthusiasm for salsa has grown from day to day. Kamal Salsa Dura has a large collection of Salsa music. For years, he shares his passion for it as a DJ at various international events with all guests. The most important things for him are a good choice of music, have fun and bring party guests to celebrate.

Christian Mitran

“Right place at the right moment”. Around-the-world photographer, Cristian is a dancer, too. So he listens to the music while waiting for the right moment to press the shutter and give us back the originality of the moment.

Khalid Jalli

Khalid Jalli did not choose photography but photography chose him when he was 5 years old. State-approved diploma photo from Brussels Fine Arts Academy in 1985, active since 1986 in studio photography, close-up photography, conceptual photography, fashion photography and street photography . He started covering the evolution of salsa events since 1999 Premium member of world photography organisation since December 2012 Khalid does not shoot but capture a feeling moment in time, his everyday inspiration comes when he least expects it, it could be everywhere, but he never rushs it, he waits till it finally finds him, if it does not, it was not meant for him

Dj Toni
Official Dj of Puerto Rico Salsa Congress
Director Of Swiss Salsa Open 2012
Official Partner Switzerland Salsa Festival

Antonio Casquino “Dj Toni", was raised around music, the sea, and humble people in his native Callao, Peru. Since his exposure to some of the greatest Mambo/Salsa tunes of all times, dancing was his passion. He then wanted other dancers to feel and enjoy the music the same way he did. This marked the beginning of his career as “DJ Toni”. DJ Toni's style varies from New York Salsa-Dura, Puerto Rican,Cuban and Old school 50's, 60's, 70's Mambo, Guaguanco, Son, but he is equally comfortable playing other genres. His signature is his amazing ability to read the crowd, knowing when to play the right salsa grooves and when to switch it up to other genres to keep the crowd pleased and entertained. He is a favourite among event organizers, dancers and music-lovers for his talents as a DJ, his integrity with his work and his sociability.
Salsa and Latin Pro DJ
DJ Toni knows his trade from scratch. His musical background, his technical flair, and his passion for Latin-American music make him a pro. He has gigs all over Switzerland, in Europe and the rest of the world. Whether he is playing at the Clubs in Switzerland, Salsa Festivals and Congresses in Germany, Belgica, Rusia, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, or Peru, his fans always get what they want!
Next Events

  • 12th INTERNATIONAL SALSA CONGRESS Russia, Saint Petersburg 29 June-01 July 2012
  • 3rd. Guarachero Salsa Congress Rosario Argentina 2012
  • 3rd. Salsa Convetion St. Gallen Switzerland 21 - 23 Sept. 2012
  • 7th ROMA SALSA FESTIVAL Nov. 16- 18 2012 Italy
  • 2nd International Salsa Congress Lima Peru 4-6 Nov. 2012
  • 2nd World Salsa Congress Ecuador 2012
  • 3rd. World Salsa Congress Peru 2013
  • 4th. Guarachero Salsa Congress Rosario Argentina 2013
  • and more events to confirm...

References Congresses and Festivals
  • Puerto Rico Salsa Congress
  • Argentina El Guarechero Salsa Congress Rosario
  • Peru Salsa Congress
  • Lima Salsa Congress
  • International Salsa Congress Russia, Saint Petersburg
  • Festival Latina Candela Switzerland
  • Salsa Festival Chemnitz Germany
  • Salsa Sommer Fest Berlin Germany
  • Mambo Madness Fest. Berlin Germany
  • Welcome Salsa Festival Switzerland Pasadena Dance Club Wolketswil Switzerland
  • Festival de Cali Colombia 2001 – 2002
  • Santa Marta Summer Festival Colombia 2000
  • Salsabor Festival Guayaquil - Ecuador 2000
  • Salsa Open Venezuela 1999
  • Festival Internacional de la Cerveza Cusquena Cusco Peru, 1997 – 1998 – 1999
  • Festival Internacional de Arequipa – Peru 1997 - 1999
  • Festival Chimpun Callao Peru 1998


Born in 1987 in Karlsruhe, Chris has shown a creative talent since early age. Already at the age of 14 Chris sacrifices most of his free time for his life passion- DANCE. Chris starts getting interested in different dance styles and soon has an impressive repertoire to offer. He learns Latin dance at the Dance Sport Club-TSC Astoria Karlsruhe; hip hop at the Dance School Vollrath-Toennies; rock'n'roll at the Golden Fifties Karlsruhe. Chris has also a basic education in classic dance which he obtained at the Lagunilla & Reijerink taught by Carlos Lagunilla in Karlsruhe.

Since 2005 Chris has engrossed his skills and knowledge in Salsa, Bachata and other Afro-Latino dance styles at the Juan-Dance-Factory School in Karlsruhe. Chris had the possibility to be trained by teacher such as Eddie Albaron (Wagner), Tanja Wagner, Israel Gutierez, Anne and Anichi, Nina Uszkureit, Luis Saburini and some more. While performing with the performance team of San-Juan-Dance-Factory Chris collected stage experience. They have been performing at congresses, galas and events in different European cities Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Frankfurt and Karlsruhe. His dance performance has been enriched by international congresses and one on one coaching with Seo Fernandez, Fernando Sosa ( Tropical Gem), Juan Matoss and Adrian y Antia.

Since 2005 Chris has been regularly giving Salsa classes for groups and single students of different levels. He has been coaching the Salsa Group at the Spot Dance Club- Astoria in Karlsruhe. Chris has also given workshops in different cities across Europe and especially Germany such as Salsonic and Conecxion in Frankfurt. Currently he is in charge of La Danza in City of Cologne.

Chris likes to challenge himself and his skills ,which is of high priority to him, that is why he has founded a successful Salsa Master-class Group in Frankfurt. Together with Kris his dance partner, Chris is working currently on similar project in Cologne. He has also been involved in charity work and projects such as dance classes for criminal offenders at the JVA Frankfurt. Since September 2008 Chris has been studying at the University of Applied Science for Music and Art at Frankfurt am Main. His daily training consists of ballet classes, modern as well as contemporary dance. Since October 2010 Chris continues his study at the University of Applied Science for Music and Dance in Cologne.

Dj Luis

Dj Luis is originally from Mexico, he lives in Luxembourg since 15 years. He hosts the Latin Vibes show at Radio Ara-Luxembourg and performs always a quality selection of Salsa and Afrolatin music for most popular events in the region and abroad.

Pauline Lopez Velter

Alvaro Salsa

Aurélia Isabel

Mihaela Joachim

Oissim Tunisino